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Local Guides and Services Competition

Leap Local Competition

1. Leap Local’s 2012 International Local-Guides & Services Competition

Entries accepted between October 1st 2011 – September 30th 2012  

When travellers review guides and services on the Leap Local website, the local is automatically entered into this global competition. These locals will then be judged by travel writers, journalists, academics, and other industry experts. The winning guides and services receive international PR (equivalent of $2500.00 in man hours from the professional Leap team is spent on each winner), specific and general press releases to embassies and tourism organizations and media, certificates, features in mailings and in our magazine and on social networking sites, continued website profiles, and other prizes. (The ten winners from 2011)

Just a few minutes of a tourist’s time can make a world of difference to these locals.

If you are a local guide or service and have recommended yourself onto the website, for you to be entered into the competition you just need to obtain reviews (below your recommendation) from clients/tourists. If you were recommended in a previous year, all it takes is a new review made by a client/tourist in this current competition year to be entered.

New recommendations of local tour guides & services will also be entered into the The $1000 Splits Travel Competition. Both the traveller who made the best new recommendation on Leap Local's website and the guide or service they reviewed will receive $500.00 each.

(Here is some printable support material for guides and services to give to travellers. You can print and cut-out these business cards so that when tourists get home they have the information that they need to recommend or review you.)

Competition Judges