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The $1000.00 Splits Travel Competition

It Takes Two to Tango - $1000.00 Splits Travel Competition

New for 2012: this global competition rewards $500.00 to the traveller who makes the best NEW recommendation on Leap Local's website and also rewards $500.00 to the local (guide, driver, tour operator, homestay owner, guesthouse owner, teacher, expert) that they recommended.

Participants may enter as many recommendations as they like. There is no limit.

Entries (new recommendations) made between the end of the last competition (October 1st, 2011) until midnight in your time zone on September 30th, 2012, will be accepted in this new competition.

So stretch those guidebook writing skills, have fun and add some flair when making your reviews of locals in tourism. (A local is an individual who lives and works at the point of destination.)

The judges won't just be looking for complete descriptions and contact information but will be looking for that recommendation that makes them want to go on the adventure safari, or take the exact same eco trip, or stay with your favourite nomad family, based upon nothing but the power of your recommendation.

Keys to making a great recommendation:  

Pg. 1 of your recommendation is where you supply the outline of the local and services they provide, plus their contact information and a photo. Make sure your information is accurate and detailed. Photos really help make a recommendation come alive. You can select the main photo used but other photos can be added later. Larger images will expand. If you don't have photos, you can contact the person you are recommending and ask them to supply images.

Pg. 2 of the recommendation is when you have an opportunity to get personal when you describe what you did with the individual and will be asked to give examples of the best bits and worst bits of your adventures, the local, or accommodation, and will be required to rate your experience.

Samples of great recommendations: 

Aly Amaut, a winning Peruvian guide and tour operator (specializing in Adventure Travel and Voluntourism) recommended by Corinne Taylor Aldous:

Gerson Pizango, a winning Amazonian guide (specializing in Eco Travel and Adventure Travel) recommended by Jules Lapprand:

Sergey Gluhoverov, a winning tour operator in Kyrgyzstan (specializing in Cultural Tours and Adventure Travel), recommended by Kirsten Koza:


Leap Local will want to know what the two winners of this competition do with their winnings in a follow-up story.

Get Started and Recommend a New Local

(*Printable promotional material for guides and services to give to travellers, so your clients have the information to recommend you when the get back home.)

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