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Travel Links

These are a bunch of organisations who are well worth a look, whether you are interested in responsible travel, travel writing, or other responsible travel organisations who Leap works with from time to time.

Silk Road Media

Central Asia is one of the last remaining unexplored parts of the world. Interest in the region grows daily, but the region is almost entirely represented in political and economic terms with little focus on the historical, artistic and cultural resources that it has to offer. Interest in Central Asia’s arts and culture is frustrated by the limited amount of resources available for learning about the area.

The aim of Silk Road Media (SRM) is to produce publications that give readers worldwide a new perspective on the arts, cultures, history, landscapes and peoples of Central Asia. The quality of SRM publications ensures their high profile and attractiveness to anyone interested in Central Asia. This makes SRM an ideal partner for businesses promoting their operations and products in and around the region.

SRM transforms Central Asia’s cultural image by portraying the region in print and online. These editions not only help those interested in getting to know an unfamiliar region, they also aid the development of much needed cultural exchange. We reach out to those parts of Central Asia that rarely get covered by other media in order to bring you the best possible materials.

Our major publications are the Discovery Central Asia Magazine, a quarterly published in English since 2002, Discovery Horizons in Russian from 2011, and Open Central Asia, a quarterly magazine published in English, which connects and highlight the links between Europe and Central Asia. These are supplemented by country travel guides for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, published in English, French, German, Japanese and Russian.

Travel Clothing & Equipment

Nomad have been kitting out travellers since 1990. Our ethos is the same today as it was then – to ensure every traveller leaves with the correct clothing, equipment and medical supplies for their trip. Whether this is your first trip away or you simply want to update or replace your clothing or equipment, the Nomad staff will endeavour to supply you with the perfect item.  Nomad also offer a free kit out consultation service simply book an appointment at your nearest Nomad store and clinic.  It will save you both time and money in the long run! Tel: 0845 310 4470


By allowing 6-8 weeks for your vaccination programme, you have time to fit in full courses of vaccines where required which provides you with the best possible protection against certain vaccine preventable diseases.  If you don’t have time to complete courses before you go, you risk travelling with little or even no protection against sometimes high risk diseases. All Nomad nurses are fully trained in travel health and use up to the minute information to ensure you are fully protected.