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Promotional material for guides and services

Guides and services can use these images to print business/review cards so that travellers know to review them at Leap Local. Reviews help other travellers find you and have confidence in your services, plus our judges use these when selecting the next winners of our International Competition for the Best Local Guides and Services. 

There are a variety of cards to suit your needs. If you have not yet been recommended on Leap Local by a tourist, be sure to print the business cards that let your clients know about the $1000.00 Splits competition ($500.00 will be awarded to the tourist who makes the best recommendation of a NEW local and $500.00 will be awarded to the local they recommend). If you already have been recommended on the site but want to be entered into the 2012 Guides & Services Competition, you'll find black and white or coloured options to give to your clients.

Make sure that your clients have your contact details in full.

Printable sheet of black and white business cards 2012 Tourism Competitions - $1000 splits - for guide & services recommendations (115.8 KB)

For Guides already recommended and who need more reviews for the competition - sheet of black and white business cards (109.7 KB)

Sheet of business/review cards (246.0 KB)

Business/review cards FRONT (79.3 KB)

Business/review cards BACK (93.8 KB)

If you are in a position to promote the competition in a Spanish region, please use this poster:

Promote the Competition - SPANISH (124.7 KB)