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Understanding Leap

Not yet on Leap? Don’t worry, here is what you need to know…

Leap Local is an organisation that supports local travel guides and services, mainly in developing countries. We focus on people rather than organisations, so please recommend an individual. Occasionally we do list organisations that are particularly focused on locally responsible tourism.

A local travel guide/service is one who is either locally born and raised, or a foreigner who is raised locally or who has lived locally for several years. This is a grey area, so the big thing is that a local is someone who, in addition to benefitting themselves, wants to put something back into the local community in a way that is obvious to the local community.

There are two ways to get yourself listed on Leap:

1.      Ask one of your clients to recommend you, and make sure you give them a card with your contact details so they can put this accurately on the site

2.      You can recommend yourself, but people can see this on our system. If you do this, make sure you ask a client for a review soon afterwards as people like to see independent reviews.

Before your profile goes live on the website, we check it for spelling errors and content first. If we find any problems with your profile, or find you have missing information, we will email you.

Already on Leap, but want to do more?

The best way to raise your profile and attract more clients is to get more reviews. We are developing some materials to help you do this, please check back soon.