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Travel tips

Even the most prepared explorer can expect the unexpected when it comes to international travel. Leap Local's 2010 competition judges, team members, and other industry experts share their knowledge and hard learned mistakes in Leap Local's Travel DOs and DON'Ts.

You can find these on Leap Local's facebook fan page as a new travel tip is unveiled, or add some of your own. These include relevant and completely irrelevent, but amusing information.


Travel DON'T Bar Bum in Tokyo

WANTED - (Not the model but the photographer) - We have been searching for the person who captured this image for months and months. We want to hear this photographer's story about the day they witnessed a British tourist insult Tokyo with a bare bottomed dip in a sacred moat.

Examples of Travel DOs and DON'Ts:

"DON'T wear a bathing suit in a German or Austrian sauna, but DO be sure to have two towels, one for under your bum and one for under your feet. While sharing your nudity with the public is a DO, making skin contact with any public surface is a big DON'T." Kate Baggott our travel writer runner up 2010

A Kyrgyzstan cultural tip: "DO accept food and drink with the right hand of with both hands. People think that bad spirits do everything with the left hand. When you enter a mosque use your right leg first (whereas entering a toilet you much go with the left leg first)." Sergey Gluhoverov our winning travel guide 2010