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How to get to Urubamba and Ollantaytambo

  1. By bus - Get a taxi or go on foot to the bus terminal in Grau in Cusco, where you can get a local bus to Urubamba for 3.5- soles. This takes about an hour and a half and buses leave every 15 minutes from before dawn til about 6.30pm. From Urubamba bus terminal you can cross to the other side of the terminal to get in usually very crowded minibus (a combi) which takes half and hour to get to Ollantaytambo and charges 1.20 soles.
  2. By shared taxi - This option is slightly more expensive than the bus but much quicker. Go to the taxi terminal in Pavitos just off Avenida Grau where the buses leave from. Taxis leave very frequently and take under an hour to Urubamba and charge 6 soles. Ask the driver to take you to the bus terminal in Ollantaytambo but sometimes they dont want to take you that far, only as far as the taxi terminal, in which case you can get a mototaxi from there to the bus terminal for one sol. From there take a shared taxi for 2.50 soles (though sometimes you will have to wait a bit so not much quicker than the minibus) or a private taxi (from either terminal in Urubamba, so better just to get off at taxi terminal) for 10 to 15 soles.
  3. By private taxi - From Cusco, if you get just any taxi on the street then it will be more expensive as the driver wont be sure of getting a fare back. It is therefore easier to go to the taxi terminal in Pavitos in Cusco, by taxi or foot, where you will be charged about 50 soles for a direct private taxi to Ollantaytambo, or about 30 to Urubamba.
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