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How to Use Paint to Resize your Photos

It takes a long time to upload and download big photos so just about every computer with Windows has Paint, which allows you to resize your photos for internet use. This reduces the quality for printing but internet photos can be quite small without losing too much resolution.


To resize your photos:

  • Open Paint (often under Accessories in the Start Menu or Windows)
  • Drag and Drop the photo you want to resize onto the Paint Window. If Paint is only visible in the bottom bar of the page, drag the photo over to Paint and wait a second or two for it two open, then drop the Photo into the Paint Window.
  • From the Image menu go to Stretch and Skew, and type 10 or 15 in the first two boxes (same number in each box). This works well for photos about 1 Meg in size. For smaller original photos you could type in larger numbers, like 40 and 40.
  • From the File menu choose Save As and save the image so that it is ready to upload.

To crop the photo so that only one part is visible:

  • Click the top right icon out of the tools to the left of your image, a dotted box.
  • Click one corner of the area you want to highlight and drag the box out to the corner diagonally opposite on that area.
  • From the Edit Menu select Cut.
  • Close the image, don't save changes, and open a new image from the File menu.
  • Resize the white background so that it is smaller than the cropped photo.
  • From the Edit Menu select Paste.
  • In the File menu choose Save As to save the image with a new name.