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Posting an effective recommendation for a local guide/service

As a newcomer, would you use 'your' guide/service based on your recommendation?


If you’ve had a great experience with a local guide or service and want to share their contacts and offerings with other travellers here are a few pointers for helping others get the most from your review.

You have two opportunities for describing your local. The first description is where you list all the services, activities and details, that you know your local provides. This list might include services that you did not partake in but you know that they offer. You can include basic itineraries (if you have one), what is provided and what you need to provide. Do you know if the guide is licensed or has studied and trained in their field, is experienced, or is new to their profession? Or for lodgings maybe include some information about the location, view, the owners, and facilities and meals. If it’s a restaurant, or bar, this is where you could list menu items, description of food, interior, services and location. You might want to include more details about prices here, if you know them.

The second opportunity for a description allows you to describe your personal experience - what you did on your trip with this local. This is where we encourage you to give your firsthand detailed account. Make sure to highlight anything unique, special or unusual. You don’t have to be a brochure writer to do this but feel free to let your descriptive writing skills run rampant if you want – give your fellow travellers an inside view – give them the real deal. Have as much fun as you want. Let us know if you’ve ever done anything like this before.

Photos: Photos are really helpful for future travellers. If you don’t have a photo from your trip or of your guide maybe they do or one of their other clients will. Feel free to contact them and tell them you’ve reviewed them and a photo would help.

Have fun with the Best Bits and the Worst Bits.

Here are some examples of effective reviews:

Gerson Pizango, Amazon Jungle Guide

Sergey Gluhoverov, Kyrgyzstan Guide / Tour Operator