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Sustainable Tourism

The following is a list of links to web sites with information about sustainable tourism which might be of interest.

Cambridge University EntrepreneursCU Entepreneurs runs a business creation competition at Cambridge University. They support new businesses which are environmentally and socially responsible.
Sustainable Travel InternationalThis organisation gives a good overview of intiatives to address sutainability of tourism. They also provide a free newsletter which is available by email.
Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeThis website has informative country profiles, including history of politics, economy, geography etc.
Vegetarian Trekking Shoes!Reviewed recently in Wanderlust, they are comfortable, hardwearing and seriously supportive but expensive (GBP114.95).
Offset Flight EmissionsGo here to calculate emissions generated by flying, and how to offset them. But mixed views on how beneficial this is to the environment.
Pro Poor TourismInformation all about it, Harold Goodwin (an expert) is also involved.
Tourism ConcernCampaigns for responsible tourism.
Fair PlaySpanish Teachers in Cusco, Peru - local people paid a fair wage without profit for intermediaries
VSOVSO is an international development charity that works through volunteers (to fight global poverty and disadvantage).
CATCCOCATCCO maintain an excellent museum and several community projects in Ollantaytambo, Peru.
Imaginative TravellerTour operator working with Leap Local on composting toilets in Cachiccata, Peru
Peru Adventures ToursSaul runs this Peruvian travel agency, and is actively supporting local guides and poor communities especially in mountainous regions.
South American ExplorersA club for travellers with clubhouses in Cusco, Lima, Quito and Buenos Aires with information and other services. The Cusco clubhouse has a computer running the Leap Local website.
Gitelink FranceIndependent directory of holiday homes and gites to rent in France.
One Green EarthThis is an online directory of green organisations.