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Los 3 Balcones is a full service for the rrek to Choquequirao. They have a hospedaje and restaurant and can provide guides, mules and camping equipment. It is owned by a Peruvian currently resident in San Francisco, and he is hence quite progressive. In particular he is keen to stop tourists just passing through Cachora en route from Cusco to the trail and instead invest their money in Cachora. Given most Cusco tour operators require a 4am start, he promotes the idea of staying a night in Cachora with the slogan "Stop Tourist Abuse"!

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Customer Reviews

10 / 10
1 review

Charlie Bright (10 / 10)

reviewed Aug. 3, 2008, 6:33 a.m.

Charlie Bright spent 5-10 days with Los Tres Balcones.

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We went on a trek from Cachora to choquequirao, then on to Maizal, Yanama, totora and finally arrived at Aguas Calientes - an 8 day trip.

Best bits: Food was great, Francisco is a real chef
Worst bits: No lobster salad, darn!!!


Overall experience: 10 / 10
Value for money: 9 / 10
Eco impact: 10 / 10
Does the local understand eco issues? Yes
Profile Accuracy: 10 / 10


We suggested less fish in the menu. My daughters were picky but I thought it was all good!