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Hi! My name is Walter Soplin, call me"Wacho". I was raised in the Amazon jungle by my indigenous grand-parents.

I have been a jungle guide for over 28 years. I want you to see the amazon jungle That I have known since childhood. I organize, book, packages and custom Itineraries, guide jungle adventures and expeditions.

One of my favorite places to take you is the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo communal reserve. I can also create custom expeditions to meet your interest, time and budget: communal reserve conservation project in the primary forest of the pristine upper tahuayo river, tributary of the amazon.

Reccommended in the Lonely Planet 9th edition 2016
Lonely Planet page 485:

"Walter's hard-core adventure trips.go deep into the incredibly flora-and-fauna rich. Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reservearound seven to eight hours boat ride from Iquitos. This is
back to basics stuff; you're sleeping in small-scale cabins; situated near one of the amazon's remotest communities, nuevo Jerusalen. Scattered around black water lake. Because of the distances involved, you really need to sign up for the seven-day and six-nights tours."

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Customer Reviews

10 / 10
1 review

Gene Linfante (10 / 10)

reviewed Aug. 18, 2011, 8:39 p.m.

Gene Linfante spent 5-10 days with Walter Soplin.

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I have been on 3 excursions, each a week long, with Walter and every trip was an amazing adventure. We traveled throughout the Iquitos Amazon region by small motor boat and dugout canoe. We slept in the huts of villagers and in the jungle in hammocks with mosquito nets. We fished and ate fish we caught from the rivers and lakes. We saw amazing varieties of wildlife, learned about making medicine from jungle plants and participated in shaman ceremonies at night. Each trip was the experience of a lifetime.

Best bits: Real high-adventure travel experience
Worst bits: River transportation can sometimes be unreliable


Overall experience: 10 / 10
Value for money: 9 / 10
Eco impact: 9 / 10
Does the local understand eco issues? Yes
Profile Accuracy: 8 / 10