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Alexey is a driver (and interpretor) based in Kyrgyzstan, who can take you around the entire country and can arrange activities.

I've put down the rate in dollars as it is a required field - however his standard rate is by the kilometre. It is 35 cents per kilometre. Other costs such as accommodation and food would not be included in this kilometre rate. And when you drive on the roads of Kyrgyzstan which are rough and ruthless on a vehicle - you wonder how he can do it for just that.

Alexey has intimate knowledge with all of Kyrgyzstan, even off-the-beaten-path off-road tracks through the mountains and yet knows every back street of cities like Bishkek and where to eat or see things that you would not see on a regular tour. He has a selection of vehicles to choose from to meet the needs of the trip.

He's a very good translator (his English isn't perfect but is excellent). Alexey grew up in the Soviet era - his parents taught him English as a child.

He is very smart and mechanically inclined. He supported my 3 week mountain bike trip and dealt with all the mechanical problems that my bicycle that I brought from home, presented.

When you travel across Kyrgyzstan with Alexey, you are amazed at how many people one person can know. It's quite possible that Alexey knows every person in the entire country :-)

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Alexey Uploaded by Kirsten Koza on Sept. 21, 2010.

Alexey and Elena loading bicycles onto Alexey's 4x4 van Uploaded by Kirsten Koza on May 21, 2012.

Alexey would drive ahead so lunch could be prepared for the weary bikers. (photo by Kirsten Koza) Uploaded by Kirsten Koza on May 21, 2012.

setting up camp (photo by Kirsten Koza) Uploaded by Kirsten Koza on May 21, 2012.

Local Travel Guide and Service International Competition Winner 2011 Uploaded by Nicola Dee on June 11, 2012.

Customer Reviews

9.3 / 10
3 reviews

Kirsten Koza (recommender) (10 / 10)

reviewed Sept. 21, 2010, 7:25 p.m.

Kirsten Koza spent 2-4 weeks with Alexey Drozdov.

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Alexey was the driver of my support vehicle on my recent mountain bike trip across Kyrgyzstan - but he was much more than that.

When the cook didn't have coffee ready early in the morning when I rose early - Alexey would bring his percolator out of his van and pour me a hot cup of coffee he had made.

He was always fun to be with - and would have everyone crying with laughter.

He was an excellent driver in extreme conditions that Kyrgyzstan constantly presented - river crossings, narrow mountain roads etc.

He can explain anything from the current political situation to life in Soviet times.

He can fix just about anything.

If he felt there was risk in an area even after setting up the entire camp - he'd be quick to tear everything down and drive you out of there in the dark to somewhere safer and re-set up the entire camp. This just happened once in a remote area due to some drunk locals.

I felt very confident on the trip in Kyrgyzstan due to Alexey's skills.

Best bits: Laughter. Scenery, Insight. Travelling with Alexey is like travelling with an old friend who knows all the secrets of where he lives.
Worst bits: Alexey is a driver and drivers never seem to know how difficult a bike ride actually is - so a few kilometres more doesn't make a difference to them - but sure can to the cyclist. I still didn't really care. The biking was utterly fantastic. The best I've done in the world.


Overall experience: 10 / 10
Value for money: 9 / 10
Eco impact: 7 / 10
Does the local understand eco issues? Yes

Jost (8 / 10)

reviewed Aug. 23, 2011, 4 p.m.

Jost spent 5-10 days with Alexey Drozdov.

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We travelled throw Kirghistan in August 2011 from Osh to Bishkek via Jalal Abad, Toktogul, Song Kul, Kochkor, Karakol and Chalpon Ata.
He didn't have tocharge us because the agency organized the travel all included.

Best bits: Alexey drives well on every kind of road and has good knowledge of mechanic which could be a great help in case of mechanical problem (he had to repair 2 punctures which he did quickly)
Worst bits: Same remark as for the cycling, he do not knows which are the request of a photographer (which is not really simple to understand because the photographer is always looking for the good situation, the correct light and so on...).


Overall experience: 8 / 10
Value for money: 5 / 10
Eco impact: 7 / 10
Does the local understand eco issues? Yes
Profile Accuracy: 7 / 10


He prefer meat to vegetables!

Jean-Fran├žois (10 / 10)

reviewed March 19, 2016, 9:33 a.m.

Jean-Fran├žois spent 2-4 weeks with Alexey Drozdov.

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We (2 french males) did use Alexei's services for a 3500km tour in 20 days around:

- Issyk Kul, including Altyn Arashan, Jeti Oguz,

- The Susamyr valley,

- The very western part of Kyrghystan down to Sary Chelek, Jalal Abad and Osh,

- The Son Kul lake.

Best bits: Alexei knew how to accomodate all our needs, from the urban experience to sharing some time with his friends, through meeting locals in the countryside. He has an outstanding knowledge of his country and his advice were very helful to build our tour. He is absolutely honest, and has a very good morality. He never drinks before driving. More than a travel guide or a driver, he can be a very good travel mate if that is what you want, but will never cross the line if not invited to do so. He was able to take us anywhere we wanted and never relucted to drive off road, because this is also his favourite hobby!!! As a result, he his a professionnal driver and mecanical and takes an extreme care of his car (a Toyota Land Cruiser), but never asks you to clean your shoes before to jump in!!!
Worst bits: He always had our safety in mind, and used to be wary with locals he doesn't know. But we felt that this was for our safety!


Overall experience: 10 / 10
Value for money: 10 / 10
Eco impact: 9 / 10
Does the local understand eco issues? Yes
Profile Accuracy: 10 / 10