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Dinh Vu runs 'Buffalo Travel' in Hoi An and helped us book a number of trips while we were there - from hiring drivers for the day to buying train tickets and Ha Long Bay tours.

We hired a driver for the day, who took us from Hoi An to Hue (approx 150km and includes stops at the main tourist sites en route) for around $50. We also hired a driver to take us to the My Son ruins (approx 45km from Hoi An) for $25. You can do these trips much cheaper (around $5-10) by bus if you are happy to be resticted by set departure/arrival times.

On one of our many visits to the travel shop, we bumped into an ex-pat who was buying some airline tickets from Dinh Vu and heartily recommended him, saying he'd been living in Vietnam for 3 years and booked all his travel through Dinh.

Dinh also sells books (photocopies, as is typical in Vietnam) and even offered us a free one each for providing him with repeat business! If you plan to book a few trips/journeys with Dinh, let him know as he's likely to give you a discount - we each got about $10 off our Ha Long Bay tour...

Contact Details:

Dinh Vu (travel Service Manager)
542 Cua Dia St
Hoi An Town
Tel: 0510 3914 243

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Customer Reviews

7 / 10
1 review

Poppy (recommender) (7 / 10)

reviewed June 6, 2011, 4:01 p.m.

Poppy spent 2-5 hours with Dinh Vu.

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Spent quite some time discussing various trips and travel options (particularly for trips to Ha Long Bay) - he was very informative and patient with our indecisiveness!

Best bits: Informative, trustworthy and patient!
Worst bits: Communication by email (in English) was a bit difficult


Overall experience: 7 / 10
Value for money: 7 / 10
Eco impact: 5 / 10
Does the local understand eco issues? Not sure