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Travel Story Competition Results 2012

The 2012 Travel Story Winners and Their Adventures

The judges' scores were tallied pre-debate and this year there was one story that was so far in the lead that even if a judge had rallied against it, it wouldn't have been dislodged. However the stories contending for the running-up positions provided animated discussion from our panel.

There were many great stories this year and once again we’ll be offering an opportunity for the top entries to be published in our magazine so that these enlightening, horrifying, and entertaining experiences from people around the world can be shared with other travellers.

The Winning Travel Story of 2012 ($500 award)

"The Big Mirror" by Lana Willocks of Canada (but living in Thailand): Lana tried to be a responsible tourist while in Cambodia. She really tried. This story has such an unexpected outcome that we won’t spoil a moment of it with a teaser.

Runners-up stories ($150 award each)

"A Walk in the Park" by Rob Tye who lives in England’s New Forest: A tale set on Kilimanjaro; “When Mark coughed up blood, I didn’t care that our climb was over—it was now a case of survival.”

"Durty Nelly" by Todd Day of the USA: A kick in the pants story at an Irish pub that makes you wish you were there and might have you craving a pint, too.

Other Great Stories from the Competition to be Published

The writers of the top stories from the competition will be offered an opportunity to be published in the Monday Escape section of Leap Local’s travel magazine, What on Earth?. Leap’s Magazine Chief, Kirsten Koza, will be contacting those story writers over the next couple of weeks.

$1000 Splits and Winning Locals in Tourism

Announcements for the $1000 Splits Competition (for best new recommendation of a local on Leap’s website) and for the winning tour guides & services will be on Wednesday, November 28th.