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Adventure Travel Peru

  Adventure Travel Peru Peru is a fantastic country to travel in. The altitude and Inca adventures in the Andes contrast the lush and immersive Amazon jungle and the coastal desert. The range of cultures, from indigenous groups in the mountains to the city life of Lima, give travellers a variety of experiences.

At Leap Local, we focus on the more adventurous traveller, and aim to introduce you to local experts who can offer you a variety of travel services, from hiking and cycling, to horse riding, to trying local foods and crafts, or offering local accommodation. If you are looking for adventure travel, or cultural travel, or just a fantastic but authentic experience, have a browse through our Peru Travel Guides and Services

While many people visit Peru and end up in Machu Picchu, this is just one of numerous opportunities to experience the treasures within the Sacred Valley area. More information is available in 'How to go local in Peru'.