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Lonely Planet & Rough Guide

Guidebooks such as the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides find it difficult to keep up with the rapid development of new tourism initiatives in developing countries. They become outdated by the time they are published. By trying to cover all aspects of travel, particularly when covering large regions, they have stopped being so exhaustive in their coverage. This results in a couple of phenomena: firstly travellers tend to congregate on those places & services recommended by the guide books leaving other equally reputable service providers worse off, and secondly new service providers find it difficult to become established. The value of a recommendation to local enterprises can be seen when visiting streets where several restaurants claim to be the one recommended in the guide. This is understandable for some travellers because they have limited time and money and therefore wish to entrust themselves and their money to a recommended person or organisation.


Leap Local helps the traveller experience local customs and culture through local guides and services, and helps Local guides and services have the opportunity to appropriately benefit from tourism. This is particularly important in developing countries.