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Machu Pichu

Regulations for tourist activities are strengthening in many popular tourism destinations. For example, the very popular Inka Trail (Machu Picchu) in Peru is now subject to a permit system which allows a maximum of 500 people (including porters  and trek crew) to start the trail each day. These permits must be booked a month in advance, and are only issued on receipt of the full name and passport details of each applicant, together with a US$50 entry fee. Permits cannot be booked in bulk without names, this organisation is largely managed by tour operators. While this may go some distance in preserving the trail, it means there are tourists who arrive either without having organised a permit, or who decide they do not wish to share their Inka trail experience with five hundred other people. Fortunately Peru has various alternative trails, which some would argue are equally spectacular, such as the trail to another Inka citadel, Choquequirao (Wanderlust March 2005 and comments from locals). While this requires a tougher hike, it is largely unspoilt and is not yet subject to a permit system.