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Travelling is fun and enriching, but did you ever think about how your tourism affects the communities you visit?

Leap Local was established to enable travel as though local people matter. We do this by empowering local guides and services to connect with the tourist through the internet, while also building up a profile of the local guide or services so tourists can determine the locals' credibility.

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Action Description
Recommend new local guides or services

This is particularly important for locals who do not have the skills to otherwise post a profile on the internet. Before you recommend a new guide, please search whether they are already on the Leap system, where you can then review them.

Review of an existing Leap local guide or serviceFirst find the local you want to review by searching the Leap database, either through the map or list . Then follow the prompts at the bottom of their profile to review them. You will need to login as a member to do this.
How to go local If you are an aspiring travel writer, we welcome contributions to our 'How to go local' series. These can include travelling local, a unique trek you have discovered, local etiquette, eating local etc. To contribute please contact us
Send your friends the profile of a local guide You can do this by going to the profile page of the local you want your friends to see, and then 'Tell a friend...' - a link beside their photo
Network with other travellersMembers get the opportunity to use Leap's social networking facilities
This is what one local guide had to say about Leap Local, and Chloe who recommended him: 

“…thanks so much…it is necessary for people to know about us because they can support all the local guides in their places. I want to say thank you so much to Chloë ,…you are an unforgettable person!” (Chino)

Leap Local is dedicated to promoting sustainable travel and bettering the travelling experience on both sides. Get involved, experience how another country looks, but also how it lives.